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Espoma Blood Meal (4lbs.)

Espoma Blood Meal (4lbs.)

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All natural fertilizer
  • Pure source of organic Nitrogen.
  • Naturally produces more vigorous plants with richer, greener leaves.
  • A time proven remedy for sickly plants.

For use on:

For flowers (annuals & perennials), vegetables, trees & shrubs

When to use:

Most often used in the spring & fall.  Can be used throughout the growing season if added nitrogen fertilizer is desired.

How much to use:

For Flowers, Vegetables, Trees and Shrubs:

  • Normal Feeding: 1 lb. per 100 square feet
  • Heavy Feeding: 2 lbs. per 100 square feet
  • Individual plants: ½ tablespoon per plant around the drip line

How to apply:

Garden Beds:  Sprinkle evenly on the soil.  Water thoroughly.

Individual Plants:  Sprinkle around the drip line of the plant.  Water thoroughly.


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  • Made in the USA
  • 52% Cotton
  • 48% Polyester