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How We Ship

Our love for plants is reflected in how we ship them.

The thought of buying plants online can be a bit intimidating. Will my plant be dead when it arrives? Can it make it here in one piece? How long can it last in a box? These are the thoughts that begin to accumulate when considering the transaction.

Luckily, we've alleviated these concerns through our extensive experience in the industry. S&K has been in the plant business for well over 25 years. Which means we've learned a thing or two about plant needs and requirements. 

All of our plants are grown in our greenhouse receiving expert care from one of our experienced team members. The proper growing medium along with light conditions and watering are all considered. It's vital that you start with a healthy plant before shipment.

When your order is placed we immediately begin the process of packaging your plant. We secure the loose soil in the pot and wrap the plant to keep it from being damaged during the shipping process. Then, depending on what plant you order, it is placed in one of our custom boxes and secured to the bottom. This will keep the plant from being damaged in the event that the box is turned upside down.

After you have received your plant take it out of the box immediately and check to see if your plant needs water. We make sure to include plant care instructions that pertain to the specific plant you ordered. This will ensure that you become  a successful plant parent.