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Lovely plant

This was my fist time purchasing a plant online. I'll admit that I was nervous about the purchase because I was concerned with the condition of the plant upon its arrival. Upon breaking the box's seal, I was pleasantly surprised. Both plants I purchased were packaged perfectly, nicely moist and the plants themselves were in great condition. I will certainly be a returning customer after the AZ heat does down and the poor plants aren't subjected to our heat during transport. Thanks a ton!


Came in very nice. Packaged well. Its now thriving in my plant cabinet! Highly recommend


this plant came in beautiful and healthy! I have had it for over a week now and it has already produced 2 new leaf's and more are coming in! most defiantly would buy again and other plants as well.

First ivy

This is such a beautiful ivy. I am new at keeping plants and this is my very first ivy. I have had it for about a month now and I am very excited to see all of the new leaves coming up.

Beautiful as always!

Both plants arrived in perfect condition! My stepmom loves her new beauties. Thanks as always!

Jade Pothos
Ryan H.
Beautiful and LUSH plant!!

This plant is well worth the money!! I live in NY and right now the temperature is in the 20s, so I had to buy a heat pack for delivery. The plant came packaged so securely and looked EXACTLY like what was advertised, with no cold damage. Not disappointed in the slightest. I'm so excited for it to grow. (:

Calathea Rattlesnake
Sasha Ragsdale
Unique Plant

Plant arrived in good condition and shipping was timely.

Calathea Rattlesnake
Andrew Landkammer
Great plant!!

We love this plant. Didn't realize it closes at night, really cool trait.

Calathea Rattlesnake
Sara Mereness
Texas freeze killed my plants

I ordered four plants from you at the wrong time. I live in Texas and we had the worst weather freeze in 30 years when it was time for my plants to travel to me. Because of the bad travel conditions my order got stuck in Fort Worth Texas for over a week in below freezing conditions. When my order finally did arrive to me they were literally still frozen. This is at no fault to the greenhouse. When I ordered the plants the weather for the week was not going to be below 40 degrees but Texas being Texas changed that up on me. I have tried to email the greenhouse about it twice now but they come back to me undelivered. When I received my package the plants were packed with such care. It was just the fault of the very rare week and a half long Texas freeze that those plants died. The soil of the plants had ice crystals in them. I would have waited to order if I would have know about the change of weather we were getting here at that time. Even if I would have gotten the heat pack added to my order I don’t believe it would have helped in the long run. So this is no way a bad review of the greenhouse. The weather was out of all of our hands. Thank you.

Moonlight Philodendron

Arrived in great condition and is just gorgeous! I messaged a couple weeks later when one of the big leaves was turning brown for no apparent reason and they were super helpful and gave great advice. Will buy from them again in the future!


Received my triostar in great condition. Packaged with care. Beautiful plant. Waiting for the temp. To warm up so I can make another purchase.

China Doll
Tina Palmer
Bigger and fluffier than expected!

What can I say, this plant is beautiful! Healthy & Strong and a lovely new addition to our plant family. I'll be back for more plants in the Spring!

ZZ Plant
Tina Palmer
It's so perfect, I thought it was fake!

I was a little nervous to blindly purchase plants online but I was pleasantly surprised and pleased with my plant purchases and I will be back to get more! Both my plants are potted beautifully - way better than any local nursery in my area! Plants are so healthy and happy! I can't wait for my next purchase.


The plant came well protected and in good condition. The leaves were bit dusty and one of the stalks were droopy/dead but other than that it looks great and makes a great addition to my desk!

Hoya Heart
Adrian Williams
Too Cute!!!

This was the cutest plant ever! Packaging was so good, very neat. I gave it as a gift and it added to the presentation. I got it for someone that loves hearts and she got emotional. Too cute!!!


These pictures do no justice to how BEAUTIFUL this plant arrived 🥰 heat pack still warm, plant was packaged with extra love and care!!! I will definitely recommend this shop and will buy from them again and again!! Thank you S&K Greenhouses!


Love this plant! Full and well packaged!


Customer service helped so much planning shipment and notifying us about a small delay to prevent the plant from being on the road during an especially cold snap. The heat pack did a great job; the plant arrived in perfect condition and was BEAUTIFUL! Your company is most impressive!


Beautiful plant, arrived quickly and no damage traveling it was packaged with love 💜 thank you I will definitely order from S&K Greenhouses again.

Love my beauty 😍

Very satisfied with this plant 🪴 . The shipping was great! They packed it and kept it warm it’s a winter here. And I haven’t even had it that long and I already had 7 new little ones unfolding . 😍😍😍 I will definitely be ordering more plants S&K 🪴

Hoya Heart
Clover Bollinger

The package came perfectly wrapped and the plant is so cute!! i love it!!

Plants arrived well packaged and beautiful!!!

Staghorn Fern
Jesse Crawford
Love my station fern

The fern was much larger than I thought it would be. I bought 2 other plants, and was very pleased, so I ordered 3 more. I will definitely recommend S&K Greenhouse!

Tricolor Prayer Plant
Jennifer Hamilton
Beautiful plant

It was a gift for my grandma’s 88th birthday and she loved it! The plant was received in perfect condition. Amazing service every order. The greenhouse reached out to make sure I was ok with a slight delay so that the plant wasn’t sitting on a truck over the holidays.


So beautiful and growing already. I’m in love❤️❤️❤️❤️ Picture doesn’t do it any justice.