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Albomarginata Bromeliad aechmea houseplant buy online
Albomarginata Bromeliad aechmea houseplant buy online
Albomarginata Bromeliad aechmea houseplant buy online

Variegated Bromeliad

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Scientific Name: Bromelia Aechmea

Growth Habit: Slow grower but will eventually reach a few feet in height.

Pet Friendly: Toxic to cats and dogs

This rare and unusual Bromeliad is mostly grown for its beautiful foliage. The lemon cream and yellow leaves are striped in lime green making this plant a true standout. Unlike other Bromeliads, the "bloom" actually illuminates the inside of the vase shaped rosette in a vivid pink. This plant is perfect for a table top or use a floor plant as it matures. Bromeliads are also noted for their toughness and ability to thrive without much fuss.

Plant Biography

Bromeliads are native to tropical Brazil and Americas. They are mostly found growing on trees or on shady forest floors. They thrive in moist, well draining soil and humid conditions. They come from a very diverse family and are over 3590 species. Bromeliads, like some desert plants, gather water only from leaf structures called trichomes.

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