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Tricolor Prayer Plant
Tricolor Prayer Plant
Tricolor Prayer Plant
Tricolor Prayer Plant
Tricolor Prayer Plant
Tricolor Prayer Plant

Tricolor Prayer Plant

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Scientific Name:  Stromanthe triostar

Size: Will arrive 9-13" tall (including the pot)

Air Cleaner: Yes, removes toxins from the air

Growth Habit: Compact, can be grown up to 2-3 feet tall

Pet Friendly: Yes, non-toxic to cats and dogs.

Guarantee: If your plant dies within 30 days, we'll replace it for free. Learn More

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Stromanthe triostar aka Tricolor Prayer Plants demand attention with their brilliantly colored foliage! Its red, white, and green coloration is sure to impress and make you fall in love immediately.

They are a close relative of the Prayer Plant with leaves that move around depending on the intensity of the light source. Although mainly grown for its foliage, you can also look forward to stunning pink blooms in the spring.

Plant Biography

Stromanthe triostar is native to Brazil. In nature they are typically found growing under the canopies of trees. The hot blazing sun beats down on the upper stories of the rain forest while making light quite minimal on the ground where they live. Occasionally the harsh sun breaks through and sears the plants foliage. The Triostar is able to cope by moving its foliage around. 

Customer Reviews

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Received my triostar in great condition. Packaged with care. Beautiful plant. Waiting for the temp. To warm up so I can make another purchase.

Beautiful plant

It was a gift for my grandma’s 88th birthday and she loved it! The plant was received in perfect condition. Amazing service every order. The greenhouse reached out to make sure I was ok with a slight delay so that the plant wasn’t sitting on a truck over the holidays.

High quality

The plants were packages perfectly and they are in great condition, i would DEF buy from them again

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