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Syngonium Confetti Houseplant buy online
Syngonium Confetti Houseplant buy online
Syngonium Confetti Houseplant buy online

Syngonium Confetti

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Scientific Name: Syngonium Podophyllum

Growth Habit: Grows upright but will eventually vine if it is not pruned or pinched back.

Pet Friendly: Toxic to cats and dogs

Syngonium Confetti features pink sprinkling and variegation throughout its light green, arrow shaped leaves. This easy to grow houseplant is commonly referred to as an Arrowhead plant or Arrowhead Philodendron. In order for it to remain upright and compact it is a good practice to pinch it back during the summer months so that it does not grow out like a vine.

Plant Biography

Syngonium Confetti is a very popular plant species that is native to a wide region of Latin America - from Mexico to Bolivia. They are found growing in shady forests that stay moist. Mature Syngonium can be found growing along the ground like a vine as it cannot support itself when it matures.


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