Split Leaf Philodendron Houseplant buy online
Split Leaf Philodendron Houseplant buy online

Swiss Cheese Philodendron Basket

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Scientific Name: Monstera adansonii

Growth Habit: Upright vine, can exceed 8 ft. in height over time.

Pet Friendly: Toxic to cats and dogs

If you want a larger, fast growing houseplant that is easy to grow the Split Leaf Philodendron is for you. The attractive glossy leaves grow 3ft. long and 2ft. wide and feature large "cuts" that split from the leaf edge to the center vein. Despite its name this tropical houseplant is not really a Philodendron, instead, it is in the Monstera family. 

Plant Biography

The Split Leaf Philodendron, also known as the Swiss cheese plant, is a tropical flowering species native to southern Mexico to Panama. In its native environment, young plants will grow towards dark areas until they find a tree trunk. They will then grow up towards the light as they climb up the tree. Mature plants will also produce a fruit that is considered a delicacy because of its sweet and exotic flavor.