Money Tree Houseplant buy online
Money Tree Houseplant buy online
Money Tree Houseplant buy online
Money Tree

Money Tree

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Scientific Name: Pachira aquatica

Size: 6" pots will arrive 15"-22" tall (including the pot)

4" pots will arrive arrive 9"-15" tall (including the pot)

Air Cleaner: Yes, purifies air polluted with synthetic chemicals from cleaning products.

Growth Habit: Can be kept compact, but will easily grow to a few feet in height without pruning.

Pet Friendly: Yes, non toxic to dogs and cats but chewing on this plant is still strongly discouraged.

Guarantee: If your plant dies within 30 days, we'll replace it for free. Learn More 

(If temperatures in your area are below 45 degrees purchase a winter shipping heat pack at checkout in order to be covered under our warranty.)


Money Trees are often found in homes and offices all over the world because of its ability to thrive in low light conditions with minimal maintenance. Its braided trunks give it a very unique appearance and help the bright green foliage appear full at the top. It gets its name from the Chinese belief that it brings good fortune if you place it in areas concerning money.

Plant Biography

Money trees are native to Northern South America to Mexico. In their natural environment they can grow as tall as 50 feet. However, left growing in a pot as a houseplant they can be kept to just a few feet in height. In its native region it produces fruit that is mainly used for its seeds. The seeds can either be roasted and consumed or ground up as flower.  


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Saw SK Greenhouse on Tik Tok and was inspired to buy two plants even though I’m not a plant person. I am taking good care of them with the directions they sent.

Anthony Lewis
Great quality plant; arrived healthy!

Our new Money Tree, Benjamin, arrived in excellent condition! He had been thriving and even the cat is enamored with Benjamin’s growth!

Jennifer Hamilton

Arrived quickly and in excellent condition. It was a Boss’ Day gift and she loved it! Came with care instructions. Thank you!!

Awesome Plant & Great Service

This Plant has done excellent in our house and is low maintenance. I am planning on getting one for my office next!!! The S&K team was great in helping choose the right plant for our home!